You've Been Invited to appear to on the Sell Your SaaS Off Podcast.
Here's what you need to know:

Before the Interview

Before your scheduled interview, we'll need access to the following:

You'll also want to be sure to set up your recording environment properly before your interview is scheduled. Here are some tips:

How to set up your environment

For your interview, you'll need to be in a quiet place with a reliable internet signal.

Be sure to have water handy - it's easy to get choked up at the worst possible moment.

Turn off your phone, as you'll want to be fully focused, and any buzzing or ringing could detract from the quality of the audio.

Beyond that, just breathe. Our audience is forgiving of small mistakes, and just wants to learn from your experiences.

During the Interview

Typically, our interviews last 30-60 minutes. These are informal discussions where we'll ask your about your career in SaaS sales, what you've learned along the way, and about the culture & processes of your current company.

In other words, you don't need to do a ton of prep. Just come ready to chat and share what you've learned so far in your SaaS sales journey.

After the Interview

Typically, episodes are aired 2-4 weeks following recording. Once it goes live, we'll share assets with you so you can promote it across your social channels.