About the Show

Sell Your SaaS Off features sales leaders from around the software industry who join us to share their tips, tricks, and career journeys. Join us to learn the latest in what's working, what's not, how to scale your sales org and advance your career.

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About the Host

When Daniel is not pretentiously writing bio's about himself in the third person or recording podcasts centered around Business Development and Sales he can be found enjoying time with his wife and two daughters.

An avid snowboarder, hardcore gamer, hockey nut, and motorcycle enthusiast to boot. Daniel is always down for a good time! He loves to help others help themselves and aims to be constantly improving his own game... whatever that is.

Daniel is currently working at PowerSpike as hire #1 to build out their Business Development Team. In his spare time, Daniel is still serves on Prehired's sales team, helping 10,000+ people launch 6-figure software sales careers by 2025.

I'm also incredibly funny, errrr cough, cough. He... he is also incredibly funny and always down to chat. :-)